Our Squamish

Since the completion of the newly constructed Sea to Sky Highway in 2010, the popularity and desire to live in Squamish has continued to rise.  In 2011, the population of Squamish reached 17,479; over 14% growth from only five years earlier in 2006.  As compared to the national growth average of 5.9% in 2013, this helped to put Squamish on the map as the fastest growing community in BC.  

The following links will help you navigate through some of the highlights of our amazing community.

ourism Squamish - www.tourismsquamish.com/

District of Squamish Information - www.squamish.ca/

Sub-Areas of Squamish - www.remax-squamish.com/community.php

Amenities & Schools - www.remax-squamish.com/amenities.php

Recreation Services - http://www.squamish.ca/residents/recreation-services/brennan-park-recreation-centre#RecreationServicesUpdaterecreation-centre#RecreationServicesUpdate

Upcoming Events & Races- http://www.whatsonsquamish.com

Sea to Sky Gondola - www.seatoskygondola.com

Amy Buchanan
Amy Buchanan